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Welcome to Hashpool Trading - Futures & Digital Assets!

Hashpool Trading - Futures & Digital Assets is a cloudbased Crypto, Forex and Futures Investment platform with outstanding performance and asset diversification in terms of trading systems. We are the leading trading platform for automatic trading systems for ETFs, multiasset crypto trading and latency volume trading in foreign exchange markets.

Years of practice and investors led us to bring our solutions to the retail market and allow us to offer the possibility of benefiting with multiple exclusive fully automatic trading systems, to everyone.

In order to keep the trading risk as low as possible, we use a high end digital pooling strategy based on the crypto hash system.
This basically means that, next to our outstanding trading systems technology, we feature an artificial intelligent technology in order to attach investments always to the best performing strategy.
This AI technology does not only evaluate data of all our trading systems, but also complements it.
We were able to invent a technology to not only evaluates past market movements, but also economic factors and is even able to partially predict them, before they occur.
This way we build an investment with never before seen possibilities.

We feature a combined experience of 36 years of financial markets and develop for profitable fully automatic trading systems for foreign exchange markets and futures, since early 2008.
Our development for crypto currencies started back in 2014.

The real instruments of the powerful in this world are currencies. Currencies are mostly but not only bound to central banks. Gold has been one of the strongest currencies for a thousand years, while digital assets like Bitcoin are slowly becoming the gold of the new age.
The rise and the fall of these currencies dictate economics, politics, lives and even the nature and our behavior towards it.

Considering this, we were able to drive outstanding revenue by developing high end trading technology, not only based on the correlation between every day assets like the US-Dollar and the Euro, but also find patterns in correlations between them, gold and even crypto currencies.


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Total Members 2214
Total Deposited $ 32625.00
Total Withdrawals $ 19495.00
Start to consistently earn on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market with Hashpool Trading - Futures & Digital Assets!   Calculator

2.1% Weekly, for 700 Days% 2.1

  • Week Pool
  • Spent Amount $25.00 - $50000.00
  • Weekly Profit (%) 2.10

6.5% Daily for 180 days% 6.5

  • Expert Pool
  • Spent Amount $500.00 - $35000.00
  • Daily Profit (%) 6.50

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  • 8 Level Affiliate
  • 6.5% in the first level.
  • Daily commission payments

Hashpool Futures Charts

Charts of Hashpool Trading - Futures & Digital Assets is the best solution for instant exchange Bitcoin to popular world currencies: US dollars and Euros. Convenient service is only available to registered users of the company's investment platform. Payment card will become your reliable assistant for cryptocurrency investment and rapid withdrawal of funds. We offer international class cards VISA and MasterCard to claim the most favorable conditions.

To order Hashpool charts contact our financial managers through feedback form in your account or via email. We will provide you with necessary information.